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Vision for the next 5 years

This is not your typical corporate vision statement. Concise and to the point. It is more a vision of what we want to accomplish as we are still grappling with who we are as we have recently gravitated from being a supplier to wholesalers as well as retailers in the North American market. The retail industry had been taken over by the internet. An old model being replaced by a new one. So, we had to adapt with the times. We put together a direct selling model that encompassed the MLM, influencer and party planner models. It all started when a customer of ours after 4 days of using Viprox® got undeniable results. She wanted to be a representative and promote our product line. At the same time, I read about the pending recession and how it would negatively impact families on rising mortgages, food costs, fuel costs an overall bleak picture for the common home. For this to be remedied the only viable model was the direct selling model. So, we made the transition.

Phase 1:

Timeline: In the next 1.5 to 2 years We want to develop a movement here in North America; of like-minded individuals willing and eager to make a difference in the lives of family friends and acquaintances by promoting health and wellness as we define it. This movement is the foundation for the next phase, contribution.

Phase 2:

Timeline: Year 2 to year 5 We will expand outside of North America where we will be welcome and recognized as a viable player and contributor in our industry with a proven business model. At this stage we are going back to our roots where it all started as a dream to make a substantial difference in the lives of children who lost their parents because of the AIDS crisis. Our scholars will be incentivized to sponsor a child in need. Just imagine ten of thousands of scholars and ambassadors contributing monthly to the well-being of someone in need simply because they can, as the infrastructure will be in place in Africa, and they joined our movement for its intrinsic values.


Phase 3:

Timeline: Year 4 to year 5 As we did in the early stages of our involvement in Africa, we will offer our Viprox recipients a chance to be contributors to sociate with a full reintegration program by offering those with business acumen microfinancing. And for those with academic tendencies but limited means a chance to go to school right up to university. Making them productive members of their communities as opposed to a burden to society.

As a side note:

I am asked why we choose a university theme for our marketing program and recognition system. The answer is simple. As a grandfather I am privilege to be able to pick up one of our grandchildren in college every week. I listen to her in amazement as she tells me about her academic challenges and triumphs how the system rewards and recognizes students as they gravitate through the different levels of accomplishment to a final goal. I thought it would be befitting to offer a change in our direct selling industry used to old terms such as diamond and double diamonds for their recognitions. To be replaced with Scholar, BA, MBA, and the like. We are different and want to be recognized as such. Are you looking for a home where your efforts will be rewarded, and you will be recognized for your contribution to the well-being of others. If so, I truly believe we are the right place for you. Welcome aboard on this journey. We need your involvement.

Robert Gauthier
President & CEO
CYMCORP International

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