Cutting-Edge Dietary Fitness Program

NexPro is a cutting edge dietary fitness program for all walks of life. Whether it’s to give an extra edge or maintain your optimal fitness level, NexPro will help you smoke the competition.

NexPro Cell Tech focuses on providing peak energy release, enhancing stamina and accelerating recovery.



Accelerates Nutrient Absorption

Accelerates Recovery

Boosts Endurance & Stamina

Peak Energy Release


What will I find in NexPro?

NexPro comes in 2 different packages for your convenience:

NexPro Xtreme
• 2x GSH Complex®
• 2x Une-VieTM
• 1x PROMiXX Vortex Shaker

NexPro Junior
• 1x GSH Complex®
• 1x Une-VieTM
• 1x Shaker Cup

Can I take GSH Complex® if I’m lactose intolerant?

YES, you can! GSH Complex contains less than 0.4% lactose; under 1% is undetectable to the body and will not create any negative side effects even in the most severe cases of lactose intolerance.

How does the manufacturing of GSH Complex® differ from other whey proteins?

In the manufacturing of other whey proteins several things happen: in the process of heating and pasteurization, critical bonds holding the cysteine molecules together are broken. This destroys and diminishes the very proteins that serve to raise glutathione levels most effectively. We have developed a process, Provida CVETM, in which these delicate proteins remain intact and enhance the bio-availability of these proteins. Also, most protein are sprinkled with added sugars and flavors, we like to keep it all-natural.

How can Une-Vie boost my performance?

Une-VeTM is a wonderful delivery system produced through extensive purification and a patented process. It enhances the uptake of nutrients to the cells, improves cellular hydration and provides a fast elimination of toxins. Improper hydration leads to serious lows in energy, loss of focus, a slow recovery, and much more… all factors that strongly affects your performance. But a proper hydration, promotes higher energy levels, mental clarity, and the repair of damaged cells, which boosts your stamina, promotes a fast recovery and permits you to push your limits.

How do I know this is good quality? Is there a guarantee?

Our commitment to quality is the highest in the industry. Every product undergoes rigorous analysis for purity, potency, safety and freshness. And we guarantee it with our Results-Or-Money-Back Guarantee! We promised to refund or exchange any product that you have not seen results with within 30 days of use.


Maggy is a sports climber; she has been actively climbing since the age of 7, and started competing at 12 years old. At only 17, Maggy is a rookie of Canada’s National Climbing Team in Speed Climbing. In her short career, Maggy is the only athlete representing Quebec in the Pan-American Games and World Juniors.


Sean McColl is an avid 27-year-old sport climber who has been competing for the past 17 years. Sean started climbing in 1997 and is now pushing climbing to new heights. He participated on American Ninja Warrior and claims the title of the World Champion in Sports Climbing.