Affiliate program

Over the years we have toyed with different structures in an attempt to satisfy all who were interested to promote our product line. But as is the case when trying to please everybody you end up being nobody. Most came from the MLM industry, so we did a three-tier program and it simply diluted the money available for those who want to invest in paid advertising and get the proper ROI for sustainability.

So, we talked to some of you avid affiliates and it came to light what you really want is a good return on your investment. You want something simple a straightforward approach to referring your contacts to our website and to be able to buy paid advertising.

Here it is:

A straightforward no non-cense referral program.

1: Register as an affiliate by clicking (Affiliate area) bottom right corner of our home page.

2: Don’t forget to include your URL

3: What is in it for you?

We believe the best option is to promote our Viprox® therapy as it answers the need of over 200 degenerative conditions. It is clinically proven to work at 98.9% it is patented and best of all for you it is your best approach for a good ROI. As we will pay you 35% on all sales generated by your URL.

For example:

Viprox® is a $200 item. At 35% = $70

Should it cost you $30/ sale you get: $40 ROI or close to 60% profit

Should you have your own followers say 1000 this would equate to $70,000/months as Viprox is a monthly consumable item.

Best of all it is 100% money back guaranteed. So, you can in your landing page advertising take away the fear of loss for your potential prospects.

*Commission cheques will be paid monthly on the 15 th of the following month.

*The cheques will be paid in the currency where the sales were generated.

*For the initial launch it will be in Canadian currency for Canadian sales and U.S. Currency for sales generated in the United States of America.