How it all Started

It all started in 2000 with a dream; Robert Gauthier, our president:

“I was given a horrible statistic; 15 million children were orphans of AIDS in Africa. At the time, we were talking about ½ of the Canadian population was to be without love and guidance of a parent, while growing up in a hostile environment. It made no sense to me, in this day and age, that there was no tangible solution for these children and their parents.”

This simple statistic led to seven years of studying the human anatomy, along with clinical studies on the AIDS conditions. We started by the common route: trying to attack the virus. And then, we looked at the problem through a completely different set of eyes; instead of attacking the virus, why would we not simply empower the body to regain its intrinsic ability and desire to be disease free? That’s when we discovered the power of Glutathione.

A few trips to Africa, several medical advisors & scientific opinions, our seven years of research finally paid off. The first product to be fully developed and tested was GSH Complex®; it took several years to find the perfect chain of amino acid and pair it with the proper manufacturing process in order to have the purest and healthiest Glutathione Precursor. As we discovered there were three main elements to be addressed to win this war, we had to started developing two partnering products which would compliment GSH Complex®. Shortly after, came our most advanced delivery system, Une-Vie®, a cellular hydrating solution, and, our all-natural enzyme complex, Triozyme®. We held a host of clinical trials and lab analysis to assure the best possible quality and efficacy possible.

In October 2007, we conducted our first clinical study, which took place in Togo, Africa, on 115 HIV-2 patients. The full study can be found [here]. The results came back with a rate of over 98.8% efficacy. So we decided to take action; in 2008, Nutraxis International Inc. was born. We developed our business in Canada, mostly in the Province of Quebec, and now, we’re expanding towards the rest of the world. In 2010, we had an all-natural, clinically proven and patented therapy for the treatment of a host of immune system and related degenerative diseases. We started helping families around the world by providing them with a quality of life, and a strong autoimmune system. For every VIPROXTM sold, a VIPROXTM is given to a family in need. They are donated in Africa, where the AIDS pandemic is prominent.

By 2013, we had over 80 retailers holding our flagship product, GSH Complex®, across Canada and the United States and opened our website to the world. We started helping people with all sorts of medical conditions and discovered the overwhelming power of our therapy. We got to meet so many of our amazing clients and hear their story up close, and how the move towards health truly changed their lives.

Then, by 2015, we explored our possibilities, using a deriving therapy of VIPROXTM to the fitness world. We started working with wonderful athletes, such as Maggy and Sean, which took the NexPro Cell Tech to a whole new level. Within months of trial, they understood, too, the power of glutathione and are now featured Ambassadors of the product.

Our Mission

We believe our bodies were created with the capacity to fight off any disease or condition. Man-made environmental toxins are constantly compromising our immune system. Our mission is to address cellular health with science based natural products to provide optimal overall health and wellness.

Meet our Team

Robert Gauthier
CEO, President

Marisol Lopez
VICE PRESIDENT / Admin & FInance

Willy Tsaku, MD
Medical Advisor